Well, it has been 10 months since our last production was released - The Ultimate Krav Maga Advanced Series Part 1. Many of our fans are wondering, what is coming next and when is it coming? Before such news can be delivered, we have a great announcement to make....The Ultimate Krav Maga DVD Series is the proud winner of 3 Telly Awards.

The Telly Awards honor the very best local, regional, and cable television commercials and programs, as well as the finest video/film productions, and work created for the Web. They have been around since 1978, with their mission to strengthen the visual arts community by inspiring, promoting, and supporting creativity. As far as I know, this may just be the first time since Imi created this wonderful self defense system, that Krav Maga will be in the film/video awards spotlight.

The Ultimate Krav Maga series was not just a shot in the dark. It took a year of preparation, involving many great hard working people and a lot of creativity and technical know-how. The fact that we walked away with 3 awards for our effort is fantastic, however, it doesn''t change our resolve to pursue completing this great DVD series. So, you want to know what we are planning on doing next???

To say that we are working on one production would be an understatement. We have several productions in development one of which includes; the Ultimate Krav Maga Women''s Self Defense Box Set. This will be an awesome Box Set when we finalize all of the female instructors. We already have half the Women''s dream team put together....we just need a few more. Oh, and we will be releasing an awesome UKM Women''s Promo Trailer soon, this will give you a glimpse of what this production is all about. Stay tuned!

On with the news - Here at Gloria Phaeton Productions, we are all about creating original and entertaining experiences. Because Krav Maga is now being used all over TV and films, we have decided to push the boundaries even further and create the first ever Krav Maga based self defense reality show. The show will train 12 everyday people over 4 weeks in 12 different locations throughout the Los Angeles area. 12 episodes of training, fighting and learning one of the most unique self defense systems in the world. The pilot has been shot, now its time to find a TV/Cable network! Keep your Twitter and Facebook close...more updates on this production and a trailer to come.

Lastly, development has started on the instructional script for the Ultimate Krav Maga Advanced Series Part 2: Self Defense, Fighting and Ground Fighting. This is a huge production, probably another 5 DVD box set. A total of 4 or 5 of the best Krav Maga male instructors will feature in this massive production. You will see some really great techniques mixed with full contact fighting. Post on Facebook which instructors you can see as "the dream team" for this production - go to Ultimate Krav Maga fan page and start posting.

Hope you enjoyed this update, be safe and talk soon.

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