With the success of the original Ultimate Krav Maga (UKM) 5 DVD Box Set, Gloria Phaeton Productions and Kravshop Inc have teamed up again to bring you a series of Ultimate Krav Maga Expansion DVDs. These Expansion DVDs will build on the original Ultimate Krav Maga DVD Instructional series, by ramping all Krav Maga training, consolidating previous training and by introducing new advanced material.


This new knowledge is a logical continuation of your training. We will also be following this approach with all future productions, in effect moving step by step from the basics and on to more advanced techniques.

The first Expansion DVD to be released this year is the Ultimate Krav Maga Advanced Series: Striking, Fighting Tactics and Drills DVD. This Advanced Series will enhance your Krav Maga training in 4 major areas;

  1. Advanced combatives and striking combinations (spinning hammerfist, chops, spinning/jump kicks, etc.),
  2. Fighting tactics (double attack combinations, fighting through a group of attackers, attacking your opponents guard, etc.),
  3. Learning to deal with the psychological effects of an attack (2 or more attacker, dealing with stress, fatigue and aggression drills, how to deal with the attacker fighting back and what to do if you make a mistake with your defense or if you are hit in a fight)
  4. Warm-up and strengthening techniques (how to warm up when you do and don''t have time), and a number of Kettlebell strengthening exercises.

The Ultimate Krav Maga Expansion DVDs ''Advanced Series'' to follow will be -

  • Advanced Holds and Grabs
  • Advanced Fighting and Ground Fighting
  • Advanced Knife, Stick and Gun

Other Ultimate Krav Maga projects -

  • Women''s Self Defense Instructional DVD (covering; rape prevention, awareness, stress, fatigue and aggression drills, overcoming a stronger opponent, realistic training scenarios for women, education about Krav Maga self defense and a look at common violent attacks against women)

Stay tuned for updates and developments.

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