One of the worlds most experienced Krav Maga experts, Eyal Yanilov is defending a very common attack on the street - gun defense from the front. Gun, Stick and Knife defenses were filmed in Long Beach, California at the 360 Combat Club owned by dedicated Krav Maga specialists Alan Predolin.


Eyal Yanilov (born in 1959) studied Krav-Maga under the personal tutelage of its founder, Imi Sde-Or (Lichtenfeld), and has served as the Grand master‚ closest assistant and foremost disciple since the early 1980s. Active in this field since 1973, he is now its most senior instructor. Mr. Yanilov is the only individual who carries the highest grade ever given by Imi (Master level 3/Expert level 8 ) and holds the unique ‚ "Founder's Diploma of Excellence" (This diploma was given only to two people, the other - one of Eyal's top students, Mr. Darren Levine, Expert level 6, of the United States).

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