THE ULTIMATE KRAV MAGA DVD Set. The first day of shooting - The gaffer and DP (Director Photography) finish building an awesome looking Krav Maga studio set . The Director, Travis Dooley and Technical Director, Dennis P. watch a 32 inch LCD from behind the scenes to make sure everything is flowing smoothly.

Duncan Pattle (Host and Instructor, pictured above) is finishing his main introduction to this years mind blowing Krav Maga Instructional DVD's 'Ultimate Krav Maga'. Featuring special guest from New York, LA and Israel. These DVD''s will "will blow you away", say's Alan Predolin (North American IKMF national Director). You will learn how to be more aware, how to use common objects as defensive weapons, ground fighting techniques, advance self defense solutions and effective up to date techniques against knives, sticks, hand guns and long guns.

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