Duncan Pattle - Host and lead Instructor

Host of ''The Ultimate Krav Maga DVDs'' and Instructor of Krav Maga

Duncan Pattle born in Sydney, Australia has been teaching and training in Krav Maga for over 15 years. Duncan is also the owner of a number of high profile Krav Maga websites including Kravshop.com, Kravnews.com, Kravmaga.com.au and Kravamerica.com. Duncan is also 1 of 3 people responsible for writing and developing the ''Ultimate Krav Maga DVDs''.

Duncan started his training in the early 90''s while living in Los Angeles, California under Darren Levine of Krav Maga Worldwide. He was later certified as an assistant instructor and moved back to Australia to continue his Krav Maga trainng under the guidance of Eyal Yanilov of the IKMF. Duncan has taught thousands of students within Australia and the US, owned and operated Krav Maga schools and has trained and prepared a number of students for civilian instructor courses.


Eyal Yanilov - Chief Instructor KMG

Chief Instructor of The International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF)


Eyal Yanilov (born in 1959) studied Krav-Maga under the personal

tutelage of its founder, Imi Sde-Or (Lichtenfeld), and has served as the Grand master''s closest assistant and foremost disciple since the early 1980s. Active in this field since 1973, he is now its most senior instructor. Mr. Yanilov is the only individual who carries the highest grade ever given by Imi (M

aster level 3/Expert level 8) and holds the unique "Founder''s Diploma of Excellence" (This diploma was given only to two persons, the other - one of Eyal''s top students, Mr. Darren Levine, Expert level 6, of the United States).

Eyal Yanilov started his Krav-Maga training with Mr. Eli Avikzar (o

ne of Imi''s top students at the time) and soon after- wards began to study directly with the founder himself. At an early age, Eyal was instructing at the training studio that Imi had entrusted to Eli Avikzar, and on many occasions assisted and substituted for the Grandmaster in lessons and preparations with students who were to be tested for grades of expert level. At a later stage, when Imi appointed him Head of the Krav-Maga Professional Committee, Eyal was responsible for preparing and updating the Krav-Maga curriculum. In this capacity Eyal had the task of imparting the new developments and accumulated knowledge, changes in techniques, and the latest training methods to the other senior instructors.

In 1984 Grandmaster Imi Sde-Or placed Eyal in charge of preparing the complete and comprehensive series on the Krav-Maga discipline (of which this book is a part). Since then, and until the system''s founder passed away in January 1998, the two were deeply engrossed in

the task of writing down the principles of Krav-Maga and clarifying its various techniques.


John Whitman - Head Instructor KM Alliance

Founder and Head Instructor for Krav Maga Alliance and Focus Self Defense and Fitness

www.kravmagaalliance.org www.focusselfdefense.com

John Whitman is a 4th degree black belt in Krav Maga and a CrossFit Level 1 certified instructor. He served as president of Krav Maga Worldwide for 7 years, and has been teaching for 15 years. John teaches civilian, military, and law enforcement personnel, and has taught elite military units in the United States and abroad. John is co-author of the books Complete Krav Maga and Krav Maga For Beginners. John has "train the trainer" status and has trained most of the other Krav Maga instructors currently working in North America. He contributed significantly to the creation of the certification course used in North America to train Krav Maga instructors. He has appeared in numerous media outlets, including The Today Show, ABC News, and CNN.


Ammon Darsa - Global Team IKMF

Expert level 5 in Krav Maga and a part of the International Krav Maga Federation


Amnon Darsa has been teaching and training in Krav Maga since the early 90''s. He is ranked Expert level 5 and is one of the highest and most respected instructors across the globe. He has trained thousands of students around the world in countries such as; Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Balkans, Croatia, Poland, England, Germany, France, Israel, America, Singapore, India, Australia and Thailand. He is also responsible for training law enforcement and military personnel in these countries.

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