The 'Ultimate Krav Maga' 5 DVDs box set feature some of the best Krav Maga instructors from around the world including: Guest Instructors John Whitman from Los Angeles, California; Amnon Darsa and Special Guest Instructor Eyal Yanilov from Israel. You will learn: practical self defense techniques against weapons, holds, grabs and how to deal with multiple attackers standing or on the ground, plus much more. Learn what Law Enforcement officers and Military units from around the world are using to help save their lives on the street and on the battlefield.

"With their cutting-edge filming methods and top-notch production values, the Ultimate Krav Maga DVDs have raised the bar for self-defense instruction."
-Black Belt Magazine

DVD Special Features: Hostage Gun/Knife techniques - Aggression/Pressure drills - Full interviews with Eyal Yanilov and John Whitman - About the founder Imi Lichtenfeld.

What is on the DVDs -

DVD 1: 'Your First Defense' (Awareness, common objects, movement and combatives training) Approx: 81 minutes

DVD 2: 'Your Natural Response to Danger' (Defenses against holds and grabs) Approx: 86 minutes

DVD 3: 'On The Street You Can't Tap Out' (Surviving street fights standing and on the ground) Approx: 112 minutes

DVD 4: 'Surviving Deadly Weapons' (Defenses against hand guns, long guns, knives and clubbing weapons) Approx: 76 minutes

DVD 5: 'Injury Prevention' (Dynamic and static stretching) Approx: 17 minutes

Total instruction: 372 minutes

DVD Format: NTSC


by Rick Rogers
Date Added: 11/29/2010
This is one of the best DVD training series I have ever purchased, the production value is unbelievable and really stands heads above most DVDs. Top notch!!!

by Fanny Nasry
Date Added: 04/08/2010
Finally the time has come! Excellent Krav Maga Tutorial DVD! I am not a Krav Maga Practitioner ... however it is very useful and practical! Recommended to anyone who loves their family!!

by David Jenne
Date Added: 03/23/2010
Excellent product. I have 30+ years in the martial arts, and I think krav maga to be the best all round self defense/physical training system there is period. The instruction is broken down so that any skill level can learn and yet its not boring in any way. Ultimate Krav Maga is great investment. Sign me up for the next set. GREAT JOB, CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN CREATING ULTIMATE KRAV MAGA. Sincerely David Jenne 5th Dan Tang Soo Do raving fan of Krav Maga

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