• No Rings. No Rules. No Bull.

    THE ULTIMATE KRAV MAGA DVD Set. The first day of shooting - The gaffer and DP (Director Photography) finish building an awesome looking Krav Maga studio set . The Director, Travis Dooley and Technical Director, Dennis P. watch a 32 inch LCD from behind the scenes to make sure everything is flowing smoothly. Read More
  • Eyal Yanilov - defending a hand gun

    One of the worlds most experienced Krav Maga experts, Eyal Yanilov is defending a very common attack on the street - gun defense from the front. Gun, Stick and Knife defenses were filmed in Long Beach, California at the 360 Combat Club owned by dedicated Krav Maga specialists Alan Predolin. Read More
  • This camera is truely mind blowing!

    This camera might not look like much, however, this is an $80,000 USD Olympus high speed digital camera that shoots 150,000 FPS (frames per second) when a normal camera shoots only 24 FPS. We used this camera technology to breakdown techniques as clearly as possible. Read More
  • Camera ''B'' rolling!

    We used two state of the art HD Digital cameras for the entire shoot as well as an Olympus high speed camera. Both 'A' and 'B' cameras on set captured amazing detail and angles with unsurpassed quality. Read More
  • NEW Ultimate Krav Maga Advanced Series DVDs

    With the success of the original Ultimate Krav Maga (UKM) 5 DVD Box Set, Gloria Phaeton Productions and Kravshop Inc have teamed up again to bring you a series of Ultimate Krav Maga Expansion DVDs. These Expansion DVDs will build on the original Ultimate Krav Maga DVD Instructional series, by ramping all Krav Maga training, consolidating previous training and by introducing new advanced material. Read More
  • UKM Tough Guys!

    As TOUGH as they get! A number of highly trained students volunteered to be a part of The Ultimate Krav Maga Advanced DVD shoot - Advanced Striking, Fighting Tactics and Drills. Read More
  • Ultimate Krav Maga DVD Series Wins 3 TellyAwards

    Well, it has been 10 months since our last production was released - The Ultimate Krav Maga Advanced Series Part 1. Many of our fans are wondering, what is coming next and when is it coming? Before such news can be delivered, we have a great announcement to make....The Ultimate Krav Maga DVD Series is the proud winner of 3 Telly Awards. Read More
  • Interview with Director and Host

    "The style of this production will reflect the stress and fatigue that a Krav Maga practitioner would undergo during heavy training" mentions, Travis Dooley (Director) and Duncan Pattle (Host/Lead Instructor) during the interview on the set of the Ultimate Krav Maga Expansion DVD - Advanced Striking, Fighting Tactics and Drills. We darkened the set, forming long shadows and tons of black spacing; the set represents more of a street setting rather than an actual production set. Read More
  • Setup - Advanced Zombie Drill

    Duncan Pattle (Host/Lead Instructor) is setting up the Advanced Zombie Drill in conjunction with the Director and Director of Photography, to get that perfect edge. Read More
  • Prep - Advanced Gaunlet Drill

    The Ultimate Krav Maga Expansion DVD - Advanced Striking, Fighting Tactics and Drills is filled with Expert Level Krav Maga Instructors. Read More
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Award Winning DVD Series

"With their cutting-edge filming methods and top-notch production values, the Ultimate Krav Maga DVDs have raised the bar for self-defense instruction."  - Black Belt Magazine

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